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How Many Types of Car Towing Do You Have?

We have several types of car towing, and Onstartowing is equipped for all models of vehicles. Onstartowing provides all towing services such as; accident recovery, light to heavy duty towing, flatbed towing, winching and recovery, and off-recovery service. If you own a car, a truck or an 18-wheeler, Onstartowing is your source for towing in Ottawa.

Do You Offer Motorcycle Towing?

Sure, at Onstartowing, we are proud to say that we have the ability to handle every kind of vehicle. We have the right tools to secure your motorcycle for safe towing.

My Car Has Been Towed, How Can I Find It?

Call the Police Department (the non-emergency phone number) If you can’t find your vehicle and you think that it may have been towed. Every towing company, including the private ones, are required to report to the nearest Police Department within 30 minutes of towing any vehicle.

I was in an accident, and I am searching to find which towing company is storing my vehicle. What information do you need from me?

We need your Plate number & Insurance Policy number.

We also need your VIN(Vehicle Identification Number) (We perform a search using the last 4 of your VIN).

How can I give you my VIN if all my documents are in the car?

You can find your VIN on the receipt of your vehicle registration, insurance card, blue title, bill of sale or you can also ask your insurance company to send a copy of your insurance card to you via email.

Can Onstartowing fitters repair punctured tires?

Sure, if a tire can be successfully repaired and reused, we will be happy do so.

How much space does Onstartowing fitter require to work on my vehicle?

Onstartowing fitter needs very little space, most times we work on vehicles parked in quite tight car parks. If there is enough space on each side to fully open the door and get into the vehicle, we will be able to go on.

I have made a mobile tire fitting booking but need to change the appointment time and/or date. Is this OK?

Of course, we know that everyone’s plans can change and will be happy to accept any changes you may need to make to your booking. We only ask you to give us early notice as possible so that we can plan to reroute or book another customer into your original time slot. Please call us to make changes to your booking.

I have suffered a blow out on the road, and I need immediate attention. Do you offer an emergency roadside service?

Yes, we offer Emergency roadside service.

Is there anywhere that Onstartowing fitters can’t fit tires?

Only places that represent a danger to you, our technicians or members of the public and areas that may restrict access to emergency service vehicles. If there is any doubt as to the suitability of a particular location, our technician will inform you and request that your vehicle is moved accordingly.

I have locked my keys in my boot. Help?

If you locked your keys in your car or van accidentally, this is not a problem.

Our auto locksmiths can retrieve keys locked in your vehicle, with no damage whatsoever. This is a specialist job and is only performed by our skilled auto locksmiths.

I have locked my car keys in my car. Can you open the car without any damage?

If you mistakenly got your keys locked in your car or van, this is not a problem.

Our auto locksmiths can get back keys locked in your vehicle, and cause no damage whatsoever. This is a specialist job and is only performed by our skilled auto locksmiths.

Why does my key no longer unlock the door or start my car?

It’s possible the key is worn, but there are also many reasons for this type of issue.

Please contact one of our auto locksmiths to get free advice.

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