Things You Need to Know about Tire Installation and Flat Tire Repair

Flat tire is the most common incident happened to almost every vehicle owner once or more. Imagine, you are going to an important business meeting and suddenly you hear the dreaded flapping sound. Although you can call for the roadside assistance to fix your problem, it is not always necessary that you will get the services on time. Finding reliable roadside assistance services is already difficult since there are chances of towing scams as well. Therefore, it is better to know the process of changing a flat tire. Some DIY effort is never out of fashion.

Before moving to the tire installation process, you need to mind the following instructions.

Tool Box and a Spare Tire: For tire installation in Ottawa, always keep the toolkit that should have a spare tire, jack, lug wrench, wheel wedges, gloves, etc. Always keep these equipment in your vehicle. You can also contact a locksmith in Ottawa west if you forgot to keep these tools with you as they usually keep such basic equipment.

Find a Secure Location: As soon as you find that your car is running on a flat tire, gradually reduce the speed and park it in a secure location. An empty parking space would be the best place. Always try to choose levelled ground as you can prevent your vehicle from moving towards the slope. Never attempt to change the tire on a busy road. Find a safer place by moving slowly. Once you find a right location, follow the steps given below:

  • Your first step should be to put reflective triangles on the side or turn on the hazard lights to avoid the accident.
  • Now, you have to place wheel wedges on the front and backside of the wheel to prevent rolling during the tire installation.
  • Use lug wrench to loosen the lug nuts without using the jack.
  • You can now use the jack to raise the car. Do not raise the car above 6 inches from the ground to avoid weight transfer on the wrong side. After that, you can unscrew the nuts gradually.
  • Take out the flat tire safely and align the spare one.
  • Tighten the exposed bolts with hands.
  • Lower your vehicle and use wrench to tighten the nuts. Try tightening the top and bottom nuts first and then you can move on to the next ones.

Check the pressure on the tire. If you have a tool to check the pressure it is fine. Otherwise, drive slowly and visit the nearby gas station.